John on guitar

John with his Hammond B3

John’s Story

Vintage Guitars and is a collection  of Musical Gear that I acquired over a period of 31 years . This Collection is offered to purchase any individual Item, many Items or all Items listed on this Web site! There are also recent Reissue items.

My first Guitar and Amplifier were purchased through Sears mail order catalog back in 1962 at my age of 14 Years . My guitar playing progressed as did my Rock Band’s need for more professional equipment which took me to Fender, Vox, Marshall amps, Fender and Gretsch guitars! 1960’s – A great time in Music history.

As time and life passed by, it was 1986 and I started collecting Vintage Vox, Fender, Marshall amps and Fender, Vox, Gretsch and Gibson Guitars. Collecting was like discovering a “Time Capsule“. Before collecting I only owned 1 guitar and 1 amplifier. Now, after the Vintage collection started, I own many musical Items, even a Hammond B3 Organ and a Leslie 122 Tone Cabinet!

All of the Vintage amps are Tube amps and have been fully Serviced;

  • Retubed and biased
  • All Electrolytic Powers supply caps, Bypass electrolytic caps and resistors that drifted off in value replaced
  • Upgraded power chords with 3 prong Grounding Plug ends USA

These amps are tested and ready to play, gigged, “Not to be just looked at“

All the Guitars are set up for close string action for easy playing .  Any modifications are addressed in Item description, such as Guitar Pickups, etc.

Take a look and browse the site!
Thanks , John

A Royals Revival – 9/30/2017

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