1966 Vox Guitar Organ, Black


1966 Vox Guitar Organ, Black
Condition: Excellent Guitar Organ Set from (“Wolfgang Collection Hamburg Germany“) Included Factory Power supply, Power cable, Operator manual instructions, Plectrum  Pick. The Guitar neck is made of metal, on both sides of neck there has been some paint chipped off. Vox guitar organ has been fully serviced and is in 100% working order. Please note, in photo of neck at the 12th fret the missing dot has been replaced with a new inlaid dot.
Case – Vox Guitar/Organ Case made for this Guitar set up
Serial # 73264
Sale Price: $5200.00
Plus Shipping to Lower 48 USA Only


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The organ section in a Guitorgan is a 6-note polyphonic circuit, which allows full guitar chords to be played. The guitar section always remains playable, but organ notes can be played alone or simultaneously with the guitar. The idea behind being a “Guitorganist” is to use the Guitorgan’s expression pedal to creatively and accurately bring the organ in and out of the musical foreground while playing the guitar at the same time (and vice versa) as if there are actually two separate musicians playing.

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