2010 Vox SSC 55 Tea Burst Guitar


2010 Vox SSC 55 Tea Burst Guitar, Tea Burst, Satin Nickel Hardware
Condition: Excellent,  Stock, 2 CoAxe Tri Humbuckes (3 Pickup coils each) 3 (3 Way Switches) 1 Pickup selector,  2 coil selector switches, 1 master Volume, 1 Tone control, Pickups offer many variations in Guitar sounds from full sounding to Twang. New Vox designed Stop tail bar Bridge,  Guitar has versatile sound abilities using the coli Switches. Guitar is very light weight, low string action, and easy to play.
Case – Vox Tear drop shape
Serial # S1001439   Made in Korea
Sale Price: $875.00
Plus Shipping to Lower 48 USA Only


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In the mid-1960s, as the sound of electric 12-string guitars became popular, Vox introduced the Phantom XII, which has been used by Tony Hicks of The Hollies, Captain Sensible of early English punk band The Damned and Greg Kihn, and Mark XII electric 12-string guitars as well as the Tempest XII, also made in Italy, which featured a more conventional body style. The Phantom XII and Mark XII both featured a unique Bigsby style 12-string vibrato tailpiece, which made them, along with Semie Moseley‘s “Ventures” model 12-string Mosrite, the only 12 string electric guitars to feature such a vibrato. The Stereo Phantom XII had split pickups resembling the Fender precision bass, each half of which could be sent to a separate amplifier using an onboard mix control. Vox produced a number of other models of 6 and 12 string electric guitars in both England and Italy.

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