Roland VK-7


Roland VK-7  Organ / Tone Wheel  generator

Roland VK-7  Organ, sounds like a Hammond B3  organ
Condition – Excellent , some minor scratches , works and functions excellent  ( Sounds like a Hammond B3  organ ) Plus additional instruments for layering over the organ sound /  2 User’s Manuals included / Power supply and Sustain Pedal included.  Midi Thru Functions / Stereo / Mono Out Puts / Expression Pedal Inputs / Etc.
Case: Groove PAK carry case Bag  excellent condition
Serail #ZK2446  H
Sale Price : $ 850.00 Plus Shipping Lower 48 USA




Roland VK-7  Organ / Tone Wheel  generator

The VK-7 is a new combo organ from Roland which uses proprietary “Virtual ToneWheel” sound generation technology to deliver a stunning emulation of the vintage organ sounds of the ’60s and ’70s—complete with drawbars, rotary speaker simulation and amp overdrive effects.

  • Combo organ with “Virtual ToneWheel” technology—91 voices in constant independent oscillation
  • Full polyphony over the entire 61-key range, eliminates negative effects of phase shifted overtones at the same pitch
  • COSM-based rotary speaker effects with independently adjustable rotating speeds for horn and rotor
  • Vibrato, chorus, reverb and amp overdrive effects built in
  • Classic organ click noise and leakage sound can be added as desired
  • 26 orchestral voices to supplement organ sounds
  • 11-pin rotary cabinet connector for connecting to an external rotating speaker
  • 9 drawbars, dedicated sound selection buttons and a backlit LCD for intuitive control
  • Attractive wood finish
  • Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the VK-8 Combo Organ.

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