t. c. electronics Classic Sustain + Parametric EQ


t. c. electronics Classic Sustain + Parametric EQ (960590001)
ConditionExcellent Like new in Box working condition!!! Clean, Maybe a scratch somewhere on the Pedal? 9 Volt Battery Power supply (Battery not include). See description below for Pedal functions. Box, Black cloth pedal bag and operating manual included.
Color: Dark Grey
Serial # 8580280
Sale Price : $160.00 Plus Shipping Lower 48 USA

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The t.c. electronic Classic Sustain & Parametric EQ Pedal is a “tone fixer” pedal that can target selected frequencies for either a boost or a cut, while a compression circuit adds smooth sustain.

The Q control gives you surgical control over very specific frequency bands in one position (very useful for feedback suppression or as a hum-killer), and a wide, smoothly curving frequency response in the other position. Completing the effect is a noise gate, to tame the noise that frequency boosts (and other pedals) can create. The result is an emphasis on the frequencies most important to you, prolonged sustain with even picking response, and an absence of unintended sounds.

Securely constructed in a steel enclosure with high-performance hardware, the Classic Sustain & Parametric EQ Pedal adds life to listless guitars.

  • Natural-Sounding Compression
  • Even out your dynamics and enjoy long-lasting sustain with this high-end pedal.
  • Parametric EQ
  • Usable either as a mid-band EQ or as a notch filter for taming offensive frequencies.
  • Noise Gate


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