1954 Fender Stratocaster Limited Edition Reissue #1


1954 Fender Stratocaster Limited Edition #1(1 Year Limited Run) Custom Shop 2004 “Chris Fleming” Master Builder
Condition – Mint – 2 Tone Vintage Aged Sunburst/Blonde Maple Neck and 1954 Stratocaster Detail and Specs.
Case – Brown Thermometer Case / Case candy included
Serial # 5016
Sale Price: $3,950.00
Plus Shipping to Lower 48 USA Only


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2004 Fender Custom Shop 1954 Reissue Stratocaster Limited Edition

As a celebration for the most influential electric guitar of all time, Fender introduced this 1954 reissue Stratocaster in 2004 to celebrate the Stratocaster’s 50th birthday! Commemorating the guitars history there were three Strat’s introduced, this representing the higher end model, Custom Shop edition of the three. The Fender Custom Shop used all of the same materials that were on the first iconic 1954 Strat, including a Solid Ash Body, American Vintage synchronized tremolo with ash tray bridge cover, Fender/Gotoh vintage style tuners, and Aged Nickel/Chrome hardware. The Pickups are 3 oversized Alinco 3 pole piece magnets with a Styrene Blend used for the pickup covers, knobs and switch cap, and the PVA Pickguard material. The Reproduction of the original ’54 pickups were wound by Abigail Ybarra, who has been making Fender pickups since the 1950’s. In addition to all of these features, all of the plastic parts for this 2004 Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Strat have been retooled historically to correct shapes and specification.

Hard to distinguish used from new this 2004 ’54 Reissue Strat is in absolute pristine condition. The 2-Tone Sunburst lacquer finish was the only finish offered on this guitar, the finish and hardware have received a “light relic” by the Fender Custom shop that makes for a very vintage and classic look. The original Red Lined 50th Anniversary Brown Leather Poodle Hardshell Case, Black Fender® Molded Hardshell Case , Case Candy, and Custom Shop Certificate are included.


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